Overview: Black Friday is one of the most important dates of the trade calendar around the world. At Salinas Resorts it is not any different and Black Friday means it’s to sell a lot.The goal:To break the sales records of Black Friday 2017 through a beautiful campaign that shows how wonderful the resort is and also give you the unique opportunity to get the best price of the year at the same time.The challenge: to create the art direction, visual id, illustrations, videos, advertising and UX and UI of the landing pages of Black Friday of Salinas Resorts.The solution: To create an unique and funny visual ID mixing the colorful and vibrant footage of the resort and paradisian beaches with organic illustrations and the tradicional black of Black Friday advertising.The Results: The Salinas Resorts sold around US$ 6.000.000 in 24 hours. That is a 57%  increase in comparison with Black Friday in 2017.